Long Tail Keywords Concept

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The principle of the Long Tail Keywords is one of the most important aspects of the world of search engine marketing and is one of the primary areas where it helps to get profitable business online with search engine optimization services for micro niches.

The "top most keywords" concept has traditionally been supported by Search Engine Optimization Companies that make their profits by gaining rankings for the top 5-10 keyword terms. So called SEO Gurus writing about getting good rankings but they haven't yet revealed their strategies. This phenomenon creates a sort of "herd mentality" amongst upstart website marketers where it is believed that the top terms provide 80% of the business, However this view has proven unsubstantiated, and in fact the opposite holds true.

Long Tail Keywords Concept might seem a little counter-intuitive at first glance because it seems to go against the grain of focusing on the top few keywords for optimizing a small business website. Its a natural tendency for people to focus on the thousands of visitors that top keywords tend to generate for the most popular keyword terms. Inexperienced webmasters who are unfamiliar with the Long tail Keyword concept are thrilled to see the numbers increase for top keywords, and even happier when those top keyword terms consistently rank well.

Reviewing stats from the major search engines that the actual convertible traffic generated by concentrating on the top 5-10 keyword terms is not as productive as was once been believed. What they have in fact discovered, is that Long tail keywords have been demonstrated to be the best in terms of conversions for calls to action. That is, getting the website visitor to make a purchase, click an adsense ad, fill out an opt-in form, take a poll - or whatever the desired goal.

The fact that the top 10 keyword terms provide a large amount of traffic data is mesmerizing, but the actual conversions - click through rates - are not nearly as high as a site optimized for long tail keywords. All recent studies have proven that a site optimized for 4-5 search terms outside the top terms for a given topic are consistently more productive than the top terms are for that topic. A close examination reveals that most sites will have the majority of their marketing responses generated from terms that are rarely tracked. Furthermore, long tail keywords are much, much easier to get natural search engine rankings for. This is the heart of the "long tail keyword" concept.

One test done which was significant was performed with a client whose main requirement was to rank for two terms. He was convinced that all of his customers focused on two terms. An initial report showed that his top 10 terms brought in over half of the site's overall search referrals. However, when looking at sales generated by search terms,18.8% of conversions were from top 10 keywords. Conversely, 81.2% of the conversions were from hundreds of other search terms outside of the top 10. The 80/20 rule works in reverse, providing a sweet spot of opportunity.

What types of terms are needed to bring visitors? You will see that the Long tail is the only means by which savvy internet marketers should tune their web sites. In the world of the upper level web marketing firms, where the smallest details are tracked, dollars are not won in the pool of super-popular terms, but rather the money is made in the thousands of dozens of keywords known as the long tail. These groups of keywords are highly optimized for what a searcher is looking for - the dozens of small market segments that search for specific needs, specific requirements and detailed terms by the efficient use of search engine filtering.


How to Select a Good SEO Company

Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to Select a Good SEO Company?

How do you hire an expert in SEO? Whom do you hire to increase SERP rankings on specific search terms? SEO is a very big industry; it's hard to know the good SEO Experts or SEO Company. There are lots of scamp SEO professionals and companies they are claiming for what they can’t do.

It's even possible that a merchant thinks a person as an SEO specialist, but hasn't kept up with the ever changing search engine tactics. Using last year's techniques won't optimize performance. He or she should be able to kept both advance and conventional SEO tactics for improving search engine rankings.

It's tough stuff for a person who is seeking SEO to make a choice. The fees range wildly, and a higher price doesn't always buy more expertise. How much should merchants expect to pay? And what, exactly, should they expect an SEO firm to actually do? Don’t ever go with some one who provides at lowest prices in industry. You won’t expect from him as much as you can from a professional Search Engine Optimization Services Company.

The SEO business has more scam artists than most industries. The scammers "are definitely out there and they're everywhere," Many merchants being cheated at web master forums, where people tend to discuss for what they are not knowing about and merchants wants to find SEO services as much as lowest rates they can, and there they get cheated.

"In the last two years there's been a huge saturation in the market, with people who just saw where the money is and started saying they offer search marketing services, and they're kind of figuring it out as they go."

You'll get these companies that will get your site ranked highly for keyword phrases, and they can show you past clients where they've ranked them highly for keyword phrases. But what you don't know as a small business consumer is that those phrases are not being searched for by people, so you may get those rankings but no traffic or sales from them. This is the most common reason for ruination of your marketing campaign.

Warning Signs

Warning against SEO Firms/SEO Experts that offer guaranteed ranking. You don't find offers of guaranteed placement from most of the reputable firms. Almost to affirm it, they'll say, 'We can't guarantee results -- and anyone that would is a charlatan. A good company, first of all, knows that they can't guarantee that they'll get you into the top page of results. Nobody can do that. They can work, and make changes, and that might very well be what happens, and certainly pricing might be based on what's achievable in the end.

But a really good company will be stressing that it's not that they get you on the page for any specific result, it's that they're going to be driving you traffic that's going to drive you sales.

If you want to be found for an extremely specific term An SEO firm "can get you on the first page of search results if you don't mind the fact that you're showing up for 'east Michigan kitchen supplies for small kitchens.'" But of course such a narrow niche might not be valuable (then again, it might be excellent, depending on your business).

Another red flag to watch out for, "is firms that won't tell you what they're going to do," "Be wary of the 'black box' — like, 'We have all these magic secrets, and if you pay us a bunch of money we'll use them, but we can't tell you what they are.'"

"They should be able to tell you exactly what they're doing and how much the cost is for various parts of the service." Adding confusion, not only are there 'black hat' and 'white hat' methods of SEO, there are also 'gray hat' methods, Low notes. These are techniques that aren't exactly unethical, but they're short term and produce little real gain.

"If you run into a situation where the vendor is trying to do anything that is deceptive in any way, shape or form, where they're trying to deliver something the user is never going to see [like hidden keywords] then that's not a path you want to do down."

One of the tricks of unscrupulous SEO firms is to take their client's money and spend part of it on some form of paid search without their client's knowledge.

Traffic begins to increase quickly, of course. However, "all of a sudden you're paying these fees, but you're not realizing who you're paying," And the very day the person stops paying, traffic starts to fade. The SEO firm seems to have them in a vise grip: either keeps paying us, or your search engine presence will disappear. It's as important when a business person hires an SEO firm as which firm they hire. The best time to outsource SEO help is right before a major site redesign. If a merchant doesn't call an SEO firm until after re-launch, you’re building your problems into the site.

By getting your SEO firm involved with the rebuild, you can avoid pitfalls, like excessive use of Flash, HTML frames or graphics that work against search visibility. SEO concerns should be a central driver to a rebuild, not an after-the-fact add-on.

Regardless of when you hire an SEO expert, your own site's size is a key determinant of which firm to hire. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' SEO vendor. A small three to four-person SEO shop would be swamped by a huge corporate account. The problem is that many SEO firms sell what they have, not what's good for you, In other words, it's up to the person to decide if an SEO firm is the right size and has the right approach. The firms themselves will always say take the job, regardless of these issues, as long as a person can pay their fees. When talking to an SEO firm, make sure you're not just talking with the sales reps, cautions Low. Talk to the people who are actually going to be doing the work, and get a sense of what they're doing and what requires for achieving targeted goals by following recommendations.

To truly understand how to hire an SEO firm, it helps if a merchant knows the rudiments of SEO even if they plan on outsourcing all their search work. People are always afraid of it, because the think it's such a mystery, and it's Google and the algorithm is complicated. And it is complicated, but the techniques for quality link building and quality SEO is really not rocket science or a magic.

Merchants can take an important first step and save money by beginning their keyword research themselves. E business owners can use tools like the keyword selector of Google adwords and Word Tracker to find out which keywords consumers use when searching for their products. SEO firms will be using the same tools that you could use, but they'll do it for you they're going to use Google keyword selector tool and Word Tracker just like everyone else. A merchant who's equipped with some preliminary keyword research can tell their SEO firm, this is what I'm interested in, these terms don't apply to me, and these keywords are very important for us. To be sure, a good SEO expert will be able to find or develop terms the business owner won't think of, but "the more you can be involved with your own keyword research, the better. Rapidvectorseo.com is getting strong name in online marketing media especially in effective search engine optimization and pay per click services. I would recommend Rapidvectorseo.com for their Gurrunteed SEO Services.

Chaitanya Patel an SEO Marketing Expert.


Why you should consult SEO Company before designing a website

Monday, January 5, 2009

Why you should consult SEO Company before designing a website???

Here, I have listed below the Reasons why you should consult seo company/consultant before website design and development. Having a website is an essential for getting business growth online. You should have your website which impacts quality of your products and business services. A good website can make your business a brand name in little time. Your website should be pretty well designed which attracts user/visitors/consumers to stay on it, some times it may happens because of improper design and navigation visitor may not look at other pages of your website; means you need a website which appeals an visitor to buy products & services from your website online.

Do you think you will get business after designing and hosting your website?
How do people come to know about your pretty well designed website?
Do you think having just a website can fill up buck in pockets?

The Answer would be – NO!!!
Today I would like to explain why it is very important to hire "SEO Consultant" before taking any steps of website design.

1. Finding Industry Keywords - first thing I do before even planning a website is keyword research to make sure my website is in a competitive industry, meaning that they are actually people looking for my website "interest"

2. Domain Name - once your primary keyword selected I am going to buy a domain name, which is not an easy, very often frustrating task but for an SEO consultant its lot easy. Most common mistake, especially in local field is registering your domain name using your First and Last Name (unless you belong to celebrity World). You always want to include your main keyword phrase(s). e.g. RealEstate.com is taken? Try adding additional symbols, words, before after "phrase" but still remember that the best idea is if it's short and simple. However hyphens can be used to have a domain name with good keywords. I would prefer to have a domain name with .com rather than .net, .org or any country specific domain name.

3. Planning - once domain name registered, next good idea is to plan your website. Ask your seo consultant to do some research, reviewing your competitors, etc. means overall competitive analysis for your business.

4. Design - Find at least three samples of the designs you like and consult their website navigation/ website structure with SEO consultant. Find something eye catch however think of what you can additionally do to make your site stand out among the sites you liked, again ask an SEO consultant for feedback of design.

5. Find quality web designer - Here's the hardest part, finding good, experienced web design company so your new website is professional, unique, keyword rich optimized and does not break any search engine guidelines is not an easy task.

6. How to find good designer - Ask an SEO Consultant what company he recommends and why? The best scenario would be if the designer you chose has seo expertise so they can include onsite optimization in the package, avoiding future web audits.

However there are so many SEO’ are already there in industry, but you should choose one of them based upon his experiences and portfolios. Get website seo analysis report for free of cost and many companies offers now a day free seo analysis report.

DirectToIndia.Com is an offshore outsourcing Web Designing and Web Development based in India.
Complied By: Chaitanya Patel


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