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Monday, September 29, 2008

In Search Engine Optimization Process every SEO Firms need detail information about the site, e.g. business of area, location, website url, type of business area wants to target for the SEO. But most of the SEO firm avoid or forgot to ask following most important question to their clients which are such a helpful in search engine optimization.

I prefer to put following question in SEO questionnaire.

1. Do you have a list of unused domains you may have bought but aren’t using? [ Redirect Them ]
2. Do you advertise your url in any offline advertising outlets? [ Helps Estimate Direct Traffic Numbers ]
3. Do you use server load balancing i.e, [Duplicate Content Issues]
4. Do you already have listings on Craigslist, Kijiji, Gumtree? [ If Listings Rank Well...Put Tracking Links In]
5. Do you use Facebook, Youtube, Google Video to promote your services? [ Consolidate the accounts ]
6. Where are your additional unused domains being hosted? [Localization & SEO]
7. How many sub-domains do you currently have? [Duplicate Content & SEO]
8. Do you have any embeddable content (widgets, calculators) that use dynamic query strings? [ Might create indexing problems, link juice concentration problems, and might look unsightly. Eg: 5th backlink down the results].
9. Are all your telephone numbers, addresses, and contact email id’s up to date? [Usability and Accuracy]
10. Where do you see your online marketing efforts going in 1 year’s time? [ Client's need a vision too, even if you help them see it. Also judges worth whileness of the client]

Source : Questions for Clients

At Rapid Vector SEO we ask above most important question to our client and providing a affordable search engine optimization service.


Video Search Engine Optimization: Tips/hints for Video Search Engine Optimization

Monday, September 15, 2008

Video Podcast will be a new trend in online marketing industry.

Here i got this wonderful tips for optimization of videos, you can simply optimize your video as you do with audio podcast.

I hope this Tips/Hints for doing search engine optimization for videos and will enjoy this read as much as i did.

Click below to read more about it.

Video Search Engine Optimization: Tips/hints for Video Search Engine Optimization

Cheers !!!


How to Optimize PDF Files?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Every SEO knows how to optimize website for good ranking. But most of SEO are confused about optimizing PDF files. At many forums I find this question "How to Optimize PDF Files?", that shows how people desperated about knowing PDF optimization.

Here I am going to revealed the method.

As all of you knows that to optimize any webpage you need to add metatags, and title & are the most important parts of your metatags. The same is applied for PDF file. Its not just apply for PDF files, but also applies for .doc, .xls too.

Check about Image which shows the PDF document properties. To optimize PDF file you need to add Title, Author Name, Subject & Keywords while creating PDF file. Name of the file is also one of factor in optimization, so dont forget to give proper name of file. For example you are creating an e-Book of Cooking Recipe in form of PDF file, then the best name of file can be:
- Cooking-Recipe.pdf
- Recipe-book.pdf

Same can be applied for your word document, whether you are creating and submitting your resume or any sort of document and going to make it live.


Press Release Websites List ( PR Websites) – Huge List

Monday, September 8, 2008

Press Release Websites List ( PR Websites) – Huge and Comprehensive List

Dear Webmasters,

Find below 87 Press Release websites for your website better promotion and stay in touch with online media easily and get better traffic.

I hope this will help in doing SEO for your website.,com_juser/task,UserRegistration/,com_ja_submit/Itemid,47/,com_registration/Itemid,0/task,register/

I hope you will enjoy this list.

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