Why you should consult SEO Company before designing a website

Monday, January 5, 2009

Why you should consult SEO Company before designing a website???

Here, I have listed below the Reasons why you should consult seo company/consultant before website design and development. Having a website is an essential for getting business growth online. You should have your website which impacts quality of your products and business services. A good website can make your business a brand name in little time. Your website should be pretty well designed which attracts user/visitors/consumers to stay on it, some times it may happens because of improper design and navigation visitor may not look at other pages of your website; means you need a website which appeals an visitor to buy products & services from your website online.

Do you think you will get business after designing and hosting your website?
How do people come to know about your pretty well designed website?
Do you think having just a website can fill up buck in pockets?

The Answer would be – NO!!!
Today I would like to explain why it is very important to hire "SEO Consultant" before taking any steps of website design.

1. Finding Industry Keywords - first thing I do before even planning a website is keyword research to make sure my website is in a competitive industry, meaning that they are actually people looking for my website "interest"

2. Domain Name - once your primary keyword selected I am going to buy a domain name, which is not an easy, very often frustrating task but for an SEO consultant its lot easy. Most common mistake, especially in local field is registering your domain name using your First and Last Name (unless you belong to celebrity World). You always want to include your main keyword phrase(s). e.g. RealEstate.com is taken? Try adding additional symbols, words, before after "phrase" but still remember that the best idea is if it's short and simple. However hyphens can be used to have a domain name with good keywords. I would prefer to have a domain name with .com rather than .net, .org or any country specific domain name.

3. Planning - once domain name registered, next good idea is to plan your website. Ask your seo consultant to do some research, reviewing your competitors, etc. means overall competitive analysis for your business.

4. Design - Find at least three samples of the designs you like and consult their website navigation/ website structure with SEO consultant. Find something eye catch however think of what you can additionally do to make your site stand out among the sites you liked, again ask an SEO consultant for feedback of design.

5. Find quality web designer - Here's the hardest part, finding good, experienced web design company so your new website is professional, unique, keyword rich optimized and does not break any search engine guidelines is not an easy task.

6. How to find good designer - Ask an SEO Consultant what company he recommends and why? The best scenario would be if the designer you chose has seo expertise so they can include onsite optimization in the package, avoiding future web audits.

However there are so many SEO’ are already there in industry, but you should choose one of them based upon his experiences and portfolios. Get website seo analysis report for free of cost and many companies offers now a day free seo analysis report.

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Complied By: Chaitanya Patel


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