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Monday, April 6, 2009

Most of people like Free Tools, and here I am to help you to add many free tools on your blog or website, like Free Guestbooks, Message Boards, Counters, MiniPolls, Classifieds, Email Forms, Tell A Friend, Live Java Chat, Bravenet Messenger, Password Protection, Photo Storage, Cartoons, Greeting Cards, Mailing Lists, VoteCasters, Search Engines, and more! Easy installation, simple maintenance and customizable interfaces!

Website Counter & Statistics
Learn everything you need to know about your site's visitors.

Calendar of Events
Display an event calendar on your site!

Let your visitors leave messages for you or the world.

Photo Gallery
Display your favourite photos in an online photo album.

Headline News
Provide up-to-the minute news for your visitors automatically!

Passsword Gate
Password protect your site to restrict access.

Web Journal/Blog
Share your thoughts with this fantastic online diary service.

Tell A Friend
Allow your visitors to easily recommend your site to their friends.

Site Search
Enable visitors to do keyword searches on your website.

Email Forms
Receive feedback or information from you visitors via email.

Live Chat
Chat in real-time with people who are visiting your chat room.

Message Forum
Our terrific message forum features many popular features.

Mailing List
Inform your visitors of site changes or product news.

Vote Caster
Set up surveys, quizzes, and polls in just a few minutes.

Mini Poll
Tap into the minds of your visitors with this useful service.

Set up an ecard section in your website.

Allow your visitors to buy/sell/trade their products and services.

Website Hosting
Unbeatable storage & bandwidth and the best FREE web tools.

Domain Name Registration
Register your very own Domain Name.

Check out above tool, free of cost and make show your visitors your professional website. Enjoy!!!


Sarvesh Bagla June 4, 2009 at 12:35 AM  

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brady August 29, 2010 at 11:18 PM  
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